The Definitive Guide to Overcoming Challenges in AWS Backup

Understand what AWS Backup does and doesn’t cover for data protection and compliance

With the rapid pace of innovation in their services offering, AWS is a leading cloud choice for many organizations. However, most organizations assume that their cloud applications are automatically fully protected. They are surprised to find―sometimes too late―that their services don’t cover data recovery or long-term retention. And with snapshots being stored in the same account as the primary data, bad actors that gain access to one gain access to it all.

Download this ebook to understand:

  • The limitations of backup options in AWS
  • The critical attack vector in nearly all AWS customer accounts that make them vulnerable to ransomware attacks
  • What recovery capabilities are needed for a best in class strategy
  • How to reduce time spent on compliance by over 60%

Definitive Guide to Overcoming Challenges in AWS Backup