The Definitive Guide to Backing Up Data in AWS
Understand the current challenges of cloud data protection, when to move beyond AWS snapshots, and why enterprises are choosing Clumio to backup and recover critical data.

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The importance of protecting data in the cloud cannot be overstated; critical data is stored in it, entire enterprises are built in it. All cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), operate on a shared responsibility model, guaranteeing resilient infrastructure, but the integrity and safety of your data is up to you.

As cloud data grows, scattered across applications, accounts, regions, and platforms, so does the attack surface for cyberthreats. Accidental deletions and insider bad actors put a business at risk just as much as ransomware and breaches do. Often, snapshots used to back up data sources are created within an organization’s primary account, leaving them exposed when an account is compromised.

In this guide, you will learn why immutable, air gap backup and rapid recovery is the highest and best form of defense for your AWS data, as well as:

  • The current challenges of cloud data protection
  • The importance of air gapped backup data
  • The difference between snapshots and backups
  • How Clumio hardens data protection while simplifying management

The Definitive Guide to Backing Up Data in AWS

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