Secure, Immutable, Air-gapped Data Protection

A modern cloud data protection solution must provide sufficient security, compliance, and governance

Secure, Immutable, Air-gapped Data Protection

Data security is more critical than ever in the age of digital and cloud first IT strategies. As more workloads move to the cloud, data becomes more distributed, and thus managing and protecting that data becomes more complex. Additionally, data protection in the public cloud is the responsibility of the organization that owns the data, not the responsibility of the cloud provider. As a result, many organizations attempt to build their own solutions to address these challenges, which only adds to the complexity.

Download this white paper to see how Clumio solves these challenges with a data protection solution that is secure, easy to deploy, and simple to use. Learn more about Clumio’s:

  • Air-gap backups for ransomware protection
  • Security compliance and certifications, such as ISO, HIPAA, SOC 2, and PCI
  • Data encryption practices
  • And more