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Your Cloud Bill Doesn’t Lie.

Using legacy backup tools and snapshots for AWS backup and recovery is complicated, time consuming, and costly. If you are creating your own backup scripts, the complexity and cost is even worse. Don’t let bad backup and uncontrolled charges ruin your day. You need data protection that is simple, efficient, with advanced functionality to get your data back fast, and offers you new use cases for test and development.

Uncover How to Avoid the Oh Snap Moment!


Flexible and Granular Restores

All data protected with Clumio is indexed and cataloged enabling simple search, file system browse, and direct database query access to restore data fast from EC2 and RDS instances. Data can be restored across accounts opening up migration and test/dev use cases.


Reduce AWS Costs

Reduce your AWS Backup costs up to 30 percent and only pay for what you consume. Forget about hidden costs or egress charges as they do not exist with Clumio.


Ultimate Security and Compliance

All protected data is air gapped outside your AWS account with end-to-end encryption using our keys or yours, multi-factor authentication, full access controls, and unified policies to consistently protect all accounts. Clumio has a security first mindset with ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC II Type II, and HIPPA compliance.


Eliminate Complexity and CapEx

Manage all AWS accounts and all clouds in one single pane of glass with no hardware ever to manage. Automate all your daily functions with proactive and predictive support that provides a managed service experience where issues are resolved before you realize they exist.

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Attend a live session to get an in-depth demo of how Clumio makes it easy to protect AWS Native Services, such as Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). One lucky person will win an Oculus Quest 2 Headset at each session.

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Protection Beyond Snapshots

Discover how Clumio can help protect data on Amazon EC2 and attached EBS volumes with SaaS backup for data recovery and long term compliance.

  • December 2nd, Wednesday 1:00-1:30 PM PST
  • Dec 10th, Thursday 3:00-3:30 PM PST

Protect Your Mission Critical RDS Data

Learn how Clumio can protect Amazon RDS data with air-gapped backups for data recovery and long-term compliance with the ability to query a data lake for fast record level retrieval.

  • December 3rd, Thursday 3:00-3:30 PM PST
  • December 16th, Wednesday 1:00-1:30PM PST

Hacker Be Gone: Recover from Ransomed Accounts

Hear how Clumio can help recover from ransomed accounts with the ability to restore to any AWS account.

  • December 9th Wednesday 1:00-1:30PM PST

AWS re:Invent Demo Lab: Ransomware Attacks Your Cloud Accounts – Will You Recover?

Cybercriminals are making headlines using ransomware to block organizations from accessing their own critical business data to extort ransoms. With Clumio data protection you can recover from ransomware and restore to any account connected to Clumio.

Tune into our demo to see how rapidly you can recover Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS from an air-gapped copy of your data and restore it to any AWS account without the complexity of managing snapshots..


theCUBE Interview: Modernizing IT for the Cloud-era: with Clumio and Frogslayer

The landscape is ever-changing in enterprise IT. The mindset has shifted to a cloud first approach, which rejects the complexity of hardware, demands scale, and requires agility. Clumio SaaS Data Protection is innovating and flipping the industry on its head with new innovative technologies and services that change the customer experience. We'll take a deeper look at how one of Clumio’s customers - Frogslayer is taking a modern approach to IT in the cloud.


  • Chadd Kenney, Clumio, Vice President and Chief Technologist
  • Brian Cahill, Frogslayer, Head of IT


Clumio Virtual Booth

Stop by Clumio’s sponsor page, our hub at this year’s AWS re:Invent virtual conference. Our product experts are available to answer your questions and for 1:1 meetings. You’ll find self-serve content playlists featuring education, customer success, and the latest product features.