Overcoming the Challenges with Backup for AWS

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming the Challenges with Backup for AWS

Discover today’s biggest gaps with AWS backup and recovery and the 5 critical pillars that every Cloud operations and Cloud architect need to have in their plan to get it done right.

With the increased velocity of innovation in AWS, organizations are deploying and scaling their applications at a much faster pace. As a result, massive volumes of production data are being generated and scattered across applications, accounts, and regions. Along with all of the benefits of AWS, there also exist many challenges that hinder unlocking its full potential. Data Protection is one such key area. Learn how to take full advantage of AWS by adding a simple, secure data protection layer to your overall cloud strategy.


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  • Data protection gaps for AWS that are putting your data at risk
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  • How to build upon your current AWS backup solution and harden your security posture in a cost effective manner