Cloud Backup Buyer's Guide


Is Backup a roadblock to accelerating your cloud journey?

With 50% of data being stored in the cloud, data gets dispersed across multiple clouds, in countless storage accounts, and across many SaaS applications. The biggest challenge with data dispersion is data protection. Not all strategies for data protection are created equally.

In this guide, you will learn about these critical topics:

  • Simplifying oversight and management of cloud-distributed environments
  • Understanding the cost and security implications of snapshot managers
  • Determining the ideal conditions for rapid recovery and optimal security
  • Discovering what to look for to both simplify and meet compliance in the cloud

Walk away with the 5 considerations that you can’t ignore when choosing a Cloud Backup solution- management, scale, compliance, security, and cost. Get the questions to ask, what to look out for and gain critical insights to help make your strategy successful.

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