Avoiding Cloud Data Loss

Strategy Brief for Backing Up Your Data Across AWS Services

Public Cloud apps must meet the same compliance requirements as any other enterprise app. Are you covered?


When it’s gone, it’s gone. Avoid cloud data loss.

Avoiding Cloud Data Loss Whitepaper

As businesses focus on digital transformation to gain a competitive edge, workloads are increasingly moving to the public cloud to enable agility, achieve scale, and enhance the user experience for all users and devices.

Most cloud providers leave IT professionals with the impression that cloud service-level agreements (SLAs) include data protection that ensures their data’s safety, yet that is generally not the case. Data protection in the cloud is your responsibility.

When planning your data protection cloud strategy, key areas to consider are:

  • Protecting your business apps in the cloud is different than the on-prem world
  • Snapshots alone are not enough as a data protection strategy
  • Leveraging the benefits of SaaS for cloud application backup

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